debunk a global warming or climate change myth it s aerosols

Research paper: 6 pages, single-spaced, with text, figures, and any equations/calculations. Must include references (not counted as part of the page requirement). Research the topic in depth and report on the quantitative, scientific evidence-based peer-reviewed literature rebutting the myth in form of a research paper.

Topic: It’s aerosols

1/ Abstract: 1/2 page, ~300 words or less, be concise, no citations.

– State the myth and general, main findings of research (What does evidence suggest? Were you able to fully disprove the myth?

2/ Main body: 4-5 pages

a/ Introduction: 1-2 pages

Provide context for the science behind the myth.

Introduce the problem (the myth) and the origins behind it. Provide context for rebuttal. Use figures, graphs (with captions and labeled in order), and proper citations here for support.

b/ Main findings: 3-4 pages

– Discuss in own words the relevant findings from each reference with proper citations.

– Connect supporting evidence to each section of rebuttal. Use statistics, figures, and/or tables in rebuttal.

3/ Conclusions: 1 page

– Summarize main findings, connecting each of main arguments to give a concluding statement. Be concise

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