Define your perspective on persons. Is it a client, family or community?

Philosophy of Nursing PaperYour nursing mentor asks you to write a paper and do a presentation on your philosophy of nursing related to each of the four metaparadigm concepts (nursing, person, environment, and health). The paper should also include a vision and mission statement that you feel is appropriate to this stage of your career.

Before you write:

Review all the journal writing you have done, the textbook and article readings, and your beliefs, values, and assumptions about nursing, person, environment, and health (Hood, 2018, p. 127). Find a nursing theory or model that exemplifies your beliefs, values, and assumptions. Refer to parts of this theory or model and references to your spiritual beliefs within your discussion of the metaparadigm concepts.

Write a 1200-1500 word paper that includes the following sections:

Section 1 – Person

Define your perspective on persons. Is it a client, family or community?

Section 2 – Environment

Define your perspective of environment related to nursing. Are there different components to environment? Is environment separate from person?

Section 3 – Health

Define your understanding of health and illness. Can clients have a chronic illness and still be healthy? What if the client’s view of health and your view are different?

Section 4 – Nursing

Define your philosophy (belief system) of nursing and nursing care. Is it an art, science, or both? What is the role reflected in nursing? Where do your spiritual beliefs fit in?

Section 5 – Your Vision and Mission Statement (Hood, 2018, p. 553)

Discuss your professional role and goal as a nurse.

Section 6 – Example

An example of something that you actually did, saw, or participated in as a nurse that exemplifies your philosophy of nursing. Explain how this experience is an example of your philosophy of nursing.

The paper should be in APA format with a minimum of five scholarly references.

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