DEP 3054 University of North Florida Lifespan Developmental Psychology Essay




We are all members of multiple cultures, and each of those cultures has its own ever-changing system pf power.

Describe an event or situation that happened sometime this year where you see or have seen marginalization occur based on one aspect of an adolescent or young adult’s identity (does not have to be one of the types of identity mentioned in Part 3). Be sure to specify the culture in your example and what could make make some individuals part of a dominant majority within that culture. Use the details of your example to demonstrate a full understanding of what marginalization means and one or more of the methods by which it might occur. Then, use your own critical thinking to consider how any area(s) of adolescent or early adulthood development (e.g. social development, emotional development, cognitive development, physical development) might be impacted as a result of that marginalization.

We also know that adolescents can actually reason about as well as adults once they gain formal operations abilities, but yet they are still more likely to take risks.

  1. Describe a separate event or situation where you see or have seen an adolescent engage in a risk-taking behavior.  Based on the clip in Part 4 about neurological change, what discrepancy in brain development would make taking the risk you described more likely for an adolescent than for someone well into adulthood; in other words, which parts of the brain develop faster and which develop slower? Be specific in your description of what those parts of the brain do and illustrate how this pattern of change over time applies to your own example. Then, give one reason why different rates of brain growth can benefit an adolescent.


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