Developmental Psychology Essay




Generativity Magazine liked your personal profile and would like you to write another profile about an inspirational figure. Imagine this person was inspirational based on what they did during their middle and late adult stages.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word profile of the middle and late-adult stage inspirational figure. Complete the following in your profile:

  • Discuss what your chosen individual has done that represents their generativity.
  • Examine how their actions reflect their perspective of experiencing these stages of life.
  • Apply the following concepts to your chosen figure’s experiences:
  • Generativity aspect of Erikson’s midlife stage
  • Generativity versus stagnation
  • Integrity versus despair
  • Explain what you’ve learned from these individuals.
  • Do they motivate you to do more with your life, particularly as you get older?
  • Discuss how generativity contributes to a sense of immortality or integrity.

Cite at least 2 resources using APA format.


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