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The literature review portion of your dissertation cannot be written in a just a few weeks. Instead, it takes a very long time to collect material, then read, understand, and synthesize it before deciding on its usefulness for your research. Last week UC provided an updated link to many helpful resources, including ZOTERO, reference management software, intended to assist with your individual research efforts.

a. Review the information contained in this article relative to what constitutes a literature review: https://www.scribbr.com/dissertation/literature-review/

b. Discuss your existing and proposed plan for reference management. Include your preferences for what type of tool you find useful and why. (There are many available tools. Some individuals prefer using software such as Zotero while others prefer to create their own database and systematic approach.)

c. Discuss ways in which your proposed approach will assist you in your current classes as well as in your dissertation preparation.

Use your own words and cite and reference as appropriate.

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