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This commercial is persuasive because it appeals to pathos and logos. The commercial first appeals to logic (logos) by presenting a speech from the U.S. general surgeon speaking about how cigarettes are a “health hazard of sufficient importance”. In using a respected and accredited expert’s opinion, the message appeals to how it would be logical to quit smoking if someone who is very knowledge about medicine is recommending it. The commercial also gives a statistic of how many Americans smoking has killed. The number has a logical impact on the audience, reminding them of their inevitable doom if they do not quit. In addition, the commercial also appeals to pathos by displaying the case of a woman named Terrie who was once healthy looking but now looks very ill. The visualization makes us sympathetic towards her situation because we would not want to see ourselves, our loved ones, or anyone look like that.

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I chose to do a Carl’s Jr. commercial. The link is a five minute clip of several Carl’s Jr. commercials. For a long time now Carl’s Jr. has been using sex in their advertisements. They use well known models, usually half naked, and doing something to catch the viewers attention.

Ethos in persuasion is to establish credibility. Well credibility are factored by competence and character. By using a well known model they establish credibility. The actions that the models portray in the commercials is usually done with a strong character and a sense of empowerment that will really draw the viewers attention.

Pathos is in reference to emotional appeal. It is obvious and clear here what Carl’s Jr. is emotionally appealing to. They are targeting the emotion of to want or crave. They already have the viewers attention with a beautiful half naked woman on TV. Now they show her eating the burger and zooming in on the burger as you watch the juices and sauces of the burger slowly ooze out making you salivate. You must have the burger!

Logos pertains to evidence and reasoning of the commercial. The evidence is a beautiful woman and the burger. The reasoning is that the beautiful woman is eating the burger, you should too.

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