discussion question 1391

Question 1:

Why Security and Privacy Matter in a Digital World?

Question 2: The Future of Information Security


The future will usher in advances in technology but will need people to understand how to manage and lead in this new environment.


Review the following documents. Use the material in the readings and outside source material, especially current cyber threat reports.

Discuss the following questions: Cite your work:

Select one of the areas covered in this course and discuss how emergent technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, can impact the people, processes and technology factors in organizational information security.

After answering these questions, can you please go on my blackboard and reply to 2 students for each post. So 4 total replies to students. I will give you my

info. The initial answer you can do within 1 day, the replies to other students is due Sunday July 21st by 11:59PM.

Please put corresponding citations after each answer. Not at once at the end.

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