discussion question 1398

Week 4 Discussion

Digital Marketing Channels

Choose at least two digital marketing channels to promote and market the product or service chosen for your marketing campaign. Think through how you would leverage these channels, using the questions below to guide you:

  • What two digital channels did you choose and why?
  • What customer needs and desires does your product or service address?
  • What are the core values and beliefs of your target audience?
  • Create a brief “story” or idea to promote your product or service to customers

Identify one competitor already in the marketplace with a similar product or service to yours. Respond to the below prompts:

  • What company did you identify and what product or service do they offer?
  • Which channels do they use to promote their product or service?
  • Describe or quote some messages that they use to promote their product or service
  • Do you think that their messaging is effective? Why or why not?
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