Documents, procedures, international organizations

I.  Documents, procedures, international organizations (answer each of these questions in order, in a single post, 6 questions total for at least 1 page) – You can use google to find the information, but must provide a link to the web-site and/or text section where you found the information.

1. What’s a Pro Forma invoice? How are these used in international trade? What does one look like? Is there a standard form?

2.  What is a Purchase Orders?  What is its importance, and how is it used in an export or import transaction?

3.  The Certificates: What’s the purpose of a certificate of origin?  Who issues them?

4.  What’s a Certificate of Inspection and what is its purpose?  Who issues them?

5.  What’s the International Chamber of Commerce?  How does it work and what are its most famous/successful products? 

6.  What’s Uncitral?  How does it work and what are its most famous/successful products?



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