Effective leaders and especially new leaders must convey a sense of team or group.

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uestion 1

Innovative and transformational leaders are needed in order to facilitate an effective working environment that leads to more satisfactory and safe care. Innovative leaders can recognize a situation and how to influence it, are adaptable in different situations to achieve a desired outcome and communicate effectively. This is considered fundamental because without communication every other characteristic alone will not guarantee same results (Weiss, Tappen & Grimley, 2019). The need for improved and safer care that is consistent with productivity and efficacy is a force that drives new leaders to succeed.

Question 2

Effective leaders and especially new leaders must convey a sense of team or group. Employees need to acknowledge their leader as one of the team. Leaders can work together to foster this atmosphere within the unit by engaging and actively listening to staff in their concerns (Weiss, Tappen, Grimley, 2019). Purpose and goals can be established and a communicated in order to be met.

Question 3

Transactional leadership centers on results guided by order and structure which allow the person to use their own motivation along with directions. In transactional leadership both the leader and the follower engage in a reward system that increases motivation (Tiang-Syung, I-Hsiung, Tsz-Ching, Lie-Ping & Kai-Chi, 2019).

Transformational leadership focuses on the leader’s use of inspirational charm to convey the target to be reached to the followers. These leaders induce a need to enhance knowledge and creativity to advance in their purpose (Tiang-Syung et al., 2019).

Complexity leadership touches on flexible approaches developed by an organization to resolve problems creatively. It is used in complex and crisis situations that require change (Baltaci & Balci, 2017).

These three models share one thing in common and that is the main goal is to achieve change through collaboration. I believe the transformational leadership is the best approach in a nursing unit because while a goal is set, it is met through a team effort and said team has to be motivated to reach what is expected. Transformational leaders are able to communicate needs in a way that is compelling and engaging to staff and this promotes productivity (Weiss et al., 2019).

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