Effects of Ruling Over Abortion Discussion




We find ourselves again in very unsettling times.

Throughout the course and especially this week, I hope you are all seeing the interconnected nature of inequality and what is at stake for so many, even leading into the consideration of monumental laws that concern race, gender, sexuality, and other intersections. Much of that is socially constructed based on beliefs related to social categories and historical power. After the Supreme Court ruling issued overturning Roe v Wade, what are your thoughts? More importantly (and what you will be graded on) is your ability to critically analyze related social factors, information from videos, sociological writings, etc. in your analysis. This is an open and loosely structured forum purposefully but be sure to include citation from a minimum of one reading and two other sources in your post.

In addition, I pose this question: “Even if it is not and will never be your choice (or you think it will never be your circumstance), does it need to be made illegal (with the related social consequences/privileges) for all?”



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