Engineering paper

What is it? –  

1 page paper that demonstrates you have:

the topic,

the structure (organization)

very brief information for the paper sections, and

the specific sources (references)


What is its purpose? –
•    The outline is to show that you have started working on your paper.
•    That you know what you will discuss (sections/subtopics) and where you can find this information (sources and complete references). 
•    It is important that you learn how to research and how to find relevant technical information for your paper. 
•    The topic you select must be listed on the syllabus. You will not receive credit if it is a topic from a previous semester and has specifically been removed from the term paper list. 
•    I must be able to locate your sources based on your references.

Below is an example of the basic structure and length for the outline.

You have to provide some information such as what is your topic, what you plan to discuss, and provide specific references, properly formatted.

It is technical information; omit the use of “I” and “we”.

Outline Sections (to include if appropriate)
Topic (title of term paper)
Abstract (go back and do this after paper is finished)
Theory  (if applicable)

Material Properties

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