english assignmnet 1748001 2

6. DISCUSS THE CAUSES OF THE AMERICAN WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE, 1763 TO 1775 APRIL 19 in 5 pages and doublespaced.





he Night Thoreau Spent in Jail    Young Theatre On campus  

You must submit a two paged, typed double spaced paper with your comments regarding the use of sound, voices, interpretation etc.  Use all of the terms and concepts we have been discussing this semester in your review. 

Remember to use the third person when writing.  There should be no “I”, “we” “one” etc. in the paper.  Rather make strong statements and support them with examples from the performance.  This does not give you permission to say “for example” “for instance” “Finally” in your critique.  Make each and every word you choose to write mean something.

Do not hesitate to use the writing center on campus to assist you. 


This should be your second critique. 



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