English Quiz


This quiz is based on the assigned textbook readings. You may take this quiz as many times as you like until you get a score of at least 14 points; however, the questions will change with each attempt.

Read each question and each possible answer. After reviewing all possible answers, select the one that best answers the question.

Begin this quiz only when you are prepared to complete it. You are allowed to refer to your notes and textbooks at any time during the assessment, but understand that you will have just 1 hour to choose the correct answers to 20 multiple-choice grammar questions. The timer will continue if you leave this quiz without submitting it. If you go over the time limit, you may still finish the quiz, but your instructor will be alerted to your total completion time. Please note that you should not hit the BACK button on your browser while testing because this will lock you out and you will have to send an email to your instructor for re-access.

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