Equity and Equality Paper




Equity is that step, procedure, policy etc. that is adopted for the purpose of moving toward equality. The illustration shows well the objective, need, and result of equity. Three kids are trying to watch a baseball game from beyond the right-center field fence. When each receives equal treatment, the consequence is that the game is seen by some, but not by all. When equity is applied, the result is everyone enjoying the game equally. If equality is the objective, equity is required.

For the Discussion this week, you examine the ideal of equality and the necessity for equity through the lens of specific case studies.

To prepare:

Review this week’s Learning Resources, and then reflect      upon the distinctions between equality and equity.

Review the case studies found in the Cooper text      Chapters 6 and 7. Consider how these case studies demonstrate the      distinction between equality and equity.

Next, select an example (not one from the case studies)      in which you have interest (i.e., local, regional, national, or      international) that demonstrates the distinction between equality and      equity.

By Day 3

  • Post a brief policy statement that explains how administrators can promote equity and make equal opportunity possible using the case study examples from Cooper’s text, regarding the competition between two vendors (Chapters 6 and 7). Identify the main stakeholders. Focus upon policies and procedures that identify and attempt to resolve social inequality. Justify your proposals.


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