essay 4 5 pages long about i have a dream speech and a raisin in the sun

hello I need an essay four to five pages long done it’s about the I have a dream speech by Martin Luther king and a raisin in the sun the movie or the book it has to be 1-3 sources it needs some quotes and it has to have a works cited page at the end there’s three different options for the essay to be written about the first option is an analysis of themes and symbols in both the speech and the movie option two is a character analysis where you can pick one two three people to write about of course one of them being Martin Luther king and then pick from a raisin in the sun and option three is should teachers use I have a dream speech and a raisin in the sun to educate children and adults? If you need more information please let me know I’m open to negotiating prices I need it to be ready by late late Thursday or Friday because it’s due on Friday so I would need it by 10 in the morning Friday to turn it in 

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