essay about movie zootoipa and other 3 sorces

Hi, the essay for this month is taking about discrimination, prejudice, and stereotype

incloud summary academy of movie Zootopia also with 3 sources and six direct quotes from at least three sources,. 5-6 pages and work cite also, please use only the information that I attached do not use form google because its plagiarism. also I will attached the instruction professor.

the first source is

1. Movie zootopia

2. Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi. “The Danger of a Single Story.”TED. 10 Mar 2014.Web.…

3. Zakaria, Fareed. Interview with Robert Sapolsky. GPS, Season 3 Episode 10: “What Neuroscience Has to Do with Nationalism.” 10 Mar 2019.

4.Demby, Gene. “In Tackling Bias In Policing, ‘Zootopia’ Veers Into The Uncanny Valley.”Codeswitch , NPR, 14 Mar. 2016.

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