exp 10 determining the mass of iron ii in an iron supplement pill by redox titration lab

b. Calculate the exact mass of oxalic acid used in each titration. Calculate the exact volume of KMnO4 used to titrate each oxalic acid sample; convert this volume to liters. Knowing the moles of oxalic acid in the sample, and the mole ratio of oxalic acid to permanganate in the balanced redox reaction, determine the moles of KMnO4 used in the titration. Determine the Molarity of the KMnO4 solution:

f. Find grams of iron in the sample: grams = moles of iron x atomic weight of iron.

g. Convert grams to mg and compare your average value of mg of iron determined by titration with your solution and then determined with the lab-prepared KMNO4 solution with that listed on the label. How do the results compare with the listed value in each case? Determine a % difference between the calculated value in each case and the labeled value. Discuss your results

Using my data

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