Explain it To Your Parents Discussion




Read a scientific article and write a short paper (minimum 350 words,
maximum 400 words) in which you explain the article in plain language to
someone with no background in psychology (e.g., your parents, your dentist, a

Your empirical article may describe multiple experiments or only one, but you
should discuss only one experiment in your paper, since the paper should not
be less than 350 words or exceed 400 words total.
Remember that the writing should be simple and easy to understand for anyone.
Really pretend that you are explaining your article to someone with no
background in cognitive psychology or psychological research generally. It
shouldn’t go on too long (this is why the word limit is so low) and your writing
style should be familiar and informal, as if you were talking to someone about
the paper. Read your paper to someone who knows nothing about psychology
and see if they understand it before you turn it in! (You don’t have to do this, but
it’s a good idea!)
? Required sections for the paper and suggested organization:
1. Introduce the general topic.

2. Share the motivation for the experiment reported in the article – why did the
researchers conduct the experiments they are writing about?

3.Describe the experiment’s methodology.

4.Describe the results.

5.Mention the implications of these results and try to provide a clear take-home

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