Explain the four steps in the systems model of T&D

Based on your thorough reading of Chapters 13 and 15 ,Answer the following questions.

Question 1: Explain the four steps in the  systems model of T&D? Discuss how HRIS applications can assist is carrying out the steps on the systems model.  

Question 2: What factors contribute to the complexity of international HR management?

Question 3: Discuss potential solutions for IHRM-HRIS administrative issues.


1-Further research may be used to answer the questions however it must be guided by your reading of the chapter

2.List of References are required.

3.Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.

4.Format your paper as follows:

• Font: Times New Roman

• Font Size:§ 12

• Margins: Normal

• Line Spacing: 1.5

• Min length: 2 pages

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