Explain whether you think Rajah should blow the whistle on his employer

  1. What actions do you recommend Rajah take about his concerns with respect to the new

one-cent-in-change policy?

Explain whether you think Rajah should blow the whistle on his employer.What is your opinion of the ethics of the new policy about withholding one-cent-in-change?Is there a need for ethics training? If so, why? How often should ethics training take place? Why?By having ethics training, what can the employer and employees learn?Developing Your HumanRelations SkillsInterpersonal Relations Case 15.1their resumeof tiring theseThe One-Cent Ethical Dilemmar academy.Lauren replied, “We have approximately 1,200 storesRajah majored in business administration and marketingacross the country, and all our stores are busy. Few cus-at college, and looked forward to a career in retail manage-tomers care about one penny, but if we add up all thosebehavior, why doment. While attending community college, he worked anpennies, the company’s profit for the years has a niceas those for docaverage of 30 hours per week at retail stores, thereby tak-bump up.ing him an additional year and one half to attain his degree.Rajah was not happy with the new policy, but agreedevent all unedStill only 23 years old, Rajah received a job offer as theto go ahead and encourage his cashiers to withhold themanager of a branch of a discount general store. Hepenny change unless a customer objected. Yet after a week.of major businesthought this would be a fine opportunity to begin histhis new policy began to disturb Rajah. He felt he wasu reach aboutcareer in retail management. Although the store wasforcing his cashiers into unethical if not illegal behavior.is for greenreferred to as a dollar store, the prices of individual mer-He did not want to lose his job by complaining about ofchandise ran as high as 530.not complying with company policy-have you madeAbout three months into the job, his regional managerCase Questionsnd having pubLauren explained that cashiers were from here on not togive customers back change of only one cent. For example,1. What actions do you recommend Rajah take aboutif a customer’s bill were $2.99 and he gave the cashier ahis concerns with respect to the new one-cent-in-$5.00 bill, the cashier was supposed to give the customerchange policy?change of $2.00 and smile at the same time. Yet if the cus-2.Explain whether you think Rajah shuld blow thetomer demanded the penny in change, the cashier shouldwhistle on his employer?3. What is your opinion of the ethics of the new policygrant the request.Rajah asked Lauren, “Why should our store do some-about withholding one-cent in change?thing that nasty? It’s like stealing pennies from customers.”

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