Field Experience Report Paper




Below i will post the requirements. but everything can be made up but realistic. You don’t have to ask anyone anything. you just have to be a bit creative.

Field Experience and Report

Field experience: aims to provide an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to examine what you have learned from the textbook and classroom are also taking place in your real world.

Guideline for field experience:

  • First, you should decide and plan yourself how to gain the field experience, e.g., you may choose one of the three important issues such as; poverty, or racism or Global Warming ETC. for your field experience OR you may also choose a different topic
  • Second, read a relevant chapter in the textbook in detail and go through other relevant information, e.g., PPT slides, articles, news, etc.
  • Third, identify and interact with 5 to 10 people individually about their personal experiences relevant to your chosen issue, e.g., you can discuss with police, probation officers, attorneys, social workers, incarcerated people and their family members (if your issue is about incarceration). Also, discuss with them what they have been doing after their particular experience and/or what they will be doing in future.


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