Final of part two

True or false
1.The brand awareness represents the thoughts and feelings that consumers have when thinking about the brand.
2.Integrated Marketing Communications is using a consistent message over multiple communications tools to increase the value of the message.
3.Yankelovich’s MindBase and SRI Consulting Business Intelligence’s VALS system are services that provide geodemographics.
4.Psychographics include age, gender, education, family status, income, ethnicity, or race.
5.The marketing database enables a company to target customers with a specific personal message.
6.Objective-and-task budgeting allocates budgeting dollars as a fixed percentage of past sales.
7.The positioning statement is an assertion that represents how the product should be perceived in the minds of the consumer.
8. Determine a marketing communications budget using competitive parity means correlating the budget to the share of the market and share of voice (SOV) for the industry.
The one questions that need to be done. 
Explain the three main types of trade promotions.

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