final project proposal 5

For your final project, you will investigate a topic of your choosing that helps you address one of the core questions of the course, listed here:

  • § Whatfactorsinfluencedthehistoricaldevelopmentofadvertising?(Week2)
  • § Howdoesadvertisinginfluencejournalismandentertainmentmedia?(Week3)
  • § Howisdigitaladvertisingdifferentfrommassmediaadvertising,andwhatisthenewpolitical economy of media? (Week 4)
  • § Whatculturalworkdobrandsdo?(Week5)
  • § Howdoadvertisementsconveymeaning?(Weeks6and7)
  • § Canadvertisingbesubversive?(Week8)
  • § Whatisthefutureofadvertising,andcanitbecompatiblewithagoodlife?(Week10) Proposal
    Due via TritonEd November 14 before 11:00 am
    Worth 50 points, 5% of your course grade; 350-550 words (1.5-2 pages) The proposal is a way to kick-start your thinking for your final project. Your proposal should identify a core question from the list above that you want to address, and should reflect upon one or two topics you could include in your response to that question (for example, you may be interested in topics such as gender, social media, sports, or industry).

• A good response will not cover every possibility. In fact, you will find it more fun and more manageable to choose one aspect of the course that helps you answer the question. For example, a student interested in gender could respond to the question from week 8 (“Can advertising be subversive?”) by writing about representations of gender in advertisements that challenge or subvert gender norms.

Your proposal should also do the following:
§ Describetwospecificconceptsorideasfromrequiredreadingsthatcouldhelpyouaddressthe

question, and explain why you think they will be relevant.
§ Identifytworeal-worldexamplesofadvertisementsthatcouldhelpyouexplainyourposition,and

explain why you think they will be relevant.
o These could be Youtube or TV commercials, advertisements from digital platforms,

advertisements from magazines, or photos of display ads in public places, or other forms

of advertising.
o Include the name of the product or brand being advertised and a 1-2 sentence description

of the advertisement. These can be examples that were mentioned in class, but they do not have to be.

List your name and a possible title for your project at the top of your proposal. You do not need a Works Cited page for your proposal, but cite appropriately in text if you use other peoples’ ideas or words.
The proposal is graded check (43/50 points), check-plus (50/50 points), or check-minus (38/50 points).

§ Check-plus:Proposalshowsanespeciallythoughtfulunderstandingofcourseconcepts,andgives creative, nuanced responses to all the parts of the instructions.

  • § Check:Proposalshowsindependentunderstandingofcourseconcepts,andrespondstoallthe parts of the instructions.
  • § Check-minus:Proposalshowsgeneralorlimitedcomprehensionofcourseconcepts,andresponds to some parts of the instructions, but leaves out other parts.
  • § Zero:Proposalismissing,unrelatedtocourseconcepts,orsignificantlyincomplete.

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