final week class

In the final week of class we will be delivering presentations demonstrating your understanding of both public speaking and social media in professional contexts.

Imagine you have landed an interview in a position you will potentially pursue when you have completed your degree. Select any company that you could potentially apply to. For example, if you are pursuing a degree in nursing, you could select Sparrow Hospital, the Mayo Clinic, or a local rehabilitation center. As part of the interview, you have been asked to provide a critique of their mediated outreach.

Using skills we have learned this semester, prepare a 3-5 page paper in which you offer feedback about (a) their overall media usage (including television ads, billboards, radio, and any other advertising you can find), (b) the quality of their website, and (c) their social media presence. Conclude by offering at least three suggestions for improving their use of mediated communication.

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