FP 100 Wiley Week 5 Exam 100 % Score

. See-Saw Incorporated has a P/E ratio of 45, and SloMo Corporation’s P/E ratio is 12. Based on these performance measures, which stock do you expect has the better growth prospects?

2. Which of the following types of bonds has the lowest liquidity risk?

3. When an investor asks a broker to place a market order, the investor is offering to buy the stock at

4. A common shareholder’s claim on a company’s assets is residual, meaning the shareholder has a right to share in the assets and income of the corporation only after higher priority claims from ________ are satisfied

5. A share of noncallable preferred stock has a par value of $100 and pays 7 percent annual interest. Which of the following statements is true

6. The initial issuance of shares of stock by a corporation is called a(n)a/ an

7. The most common arrangement for bond coupon payments is

8. Bonds that are rated BBB or better by Standard & Poor’s are referred to as

9. Which of the following statements is false concerning small cap firms

10. If you purchase shares of preferred stock and interest rates on similar risk securities later go up, what will happen to the market value of your stock?

11. The ________ is the largest and best-known securities exchange.

12. Which of the following is false regarding zero-coupon bonds

13. The basic equation for real estate return on investment is the increase in value plus the net rental income, minus the interest expense, all of which is divided by which financial component

14. Gold values tend to _________ during times of economic growth and stability and __________ during times of economic and political uncertainty.

15. Most open-end mutual funds charge a front-end load, which is

16. Which fund classification would a focus on assets that pay interest and/or dividends match

17. When planning for mutual fund costs, a common concept is the fund’s ________ ratio, measured by the expenses per dollar of assets under management.

18. Which fund classification would a focus on a mixed portfolio of both stocks and bonds match

19. A socially responsible fund is a type of mutual fund that invests only in securities issued by companies that

20. A mutual fund that invests in a mix of equity and fixed income securities is a(n)

21. Which fund classification would a focus on capital appreciation match

22. Which fund classification would a focus on only stocks of technology companies match

23. Bonds that take cash flows from pools of mortgages are called

24. Compared with investing on their own, mutual funds provide small investors with

25. A life-cycle fund purchases assets designed to meet the needs of individuals in

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