GERO 370 Towson University Ageism in America Research Paper




Research Paper (5-7 pages, double-spaced):

Using your proposal statement as a starting point (attached below),

conduct library search of at least three scholarly articles (i.e., peer-reviewed journal article, book chapter, research report) on the topic ( the specific resources are listed below);

summarize the research findings and conclusions; and reflect on their overall implication for older adults and their families.

Avoid using first person language.

Include course concepts discussed in class as well as concepts you found in the literature search.

Select at least four scholarly articles on your selected topic of research.

Do not use websites! Your paper should include the following elements:

1) Statement of your research question/topic (i.e., what you wanted to inquire about through this research)

2) Summary of each paper’s findings and conclusions.

3) Your own discussion of how each article informs and answers about your research topic

4) Your own discussion and synthesis about what the information provided by articles as a whole implies for the lives of older adults and their families.


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