good aftenoon i wanted know how much would it be homework below thank you answer requirement

Good Aftenoon, I wanted to know how much would it be for the homework below? Thank you Answer the requirements of the following document and upload your answer to this drop box. Use Excel with all the relevant formulas to cross reference the data in this question. You have until the 13th of Dec. 2012 at 11:55 P.M. to submit your work. no exceptions. COMPREHENSIVE BUDGET PROBLEM The budget director of Hi Performance Athletic Co., with the assistance of the controller, treasurer, production amanger, and sales manager, has gathered the following data for use in developing the budgeted income statement for January 2012. a. Estimated sales for Jnauary Batting helmets 305 unites @$70 per unit Football helmet 630 units @$135 per unit b. Estimated inventories at January Direct materials: Finished products: Plastic 80 lbs Batting helmet 35 units @$40 per unit Foam lining 60 lbs Fopotball helmet 40 units @$60 per unit c. Desired Inventorties at January 31: Direct materials: Finished products: Plastic 90 lbs Batting helmet 30 units @40 per unit Foam lining 55 lbs Football helmet 50 units @$58 per unit d. Direct materials used in production: In manufacturing of batting helmet: Plastic 1.20 lbs. per unit of product Foam lining 0.50 lb. per unit of product In manufacturing of football helmet Plastic 2.80 lbs. per unit of product Foam lining 1.40 lbs. per unit of product e. Anticipated cost of purchases and beginning and ending inventory of direct material: Plastic $5.50 per lb. Foam lining $4.00 per lb. f. Direct labor requirements: Batting helmet: Molding department 0.20 hr. @$15 per hr. Assembly department 0.50 hr. @$13 per hr. Football helmet Molding department 0.30 hr. @$15 per hr. Assembly department 0.65 hr. @$13 per hr. g. Estimated factyory overhaed costs for January: Indirect factory wages $14,500; Power and light $2,000 Depreciation of plant & equipment $4,200 Insurance &property tax $1,700 h. Estimated operating expenses for January: Sales salary expense $15,400 Advertising expense $8,500 Office salaries expense $11,500 Depreciation expense offise equipment $3,200 Telephone expense selling $950 Telephone expense administrative $600 Travel expense selling $2,300 Office supplies expense $550 Miscellaneous administrative expense $00 i. Estimated other income and expense fro Jnauary: Interest revenue $140 Interest expense $172 j. Estimated tax rate: 30% Instructions: uisng Excel with the appropriate formulas do the following using one sheet for each. 1 Prepare a sales budget for Jnauary 2 Prepare a production budget for January 3 Prepare a direct materials purchases budget fro January 4 Prepare a direct labor cost budget for January 5 Prepare a factory overhead cost budgety for January 6 Prepare a cost of goods sold budget for Jnauary. Work in process at the beginning of January is estimated at $12,500, and work in process at the end of January is desired to be $13,500. 7 Prepare a selling and adminstartive expense budget for Jnauary 8 Prepare a budgeted income statement for Jnauary My email address is
[email protected] Thank you, Rebeca Furniss
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