Grand Canyon University Ethical Communication Discussion




Clear and effective communication of public health information is significant to the success of health promotion and education. This information must also be presented in a manner where recipients can trust and understand the information.

For this assignment, select a health issue of interest to you and develop an infographic using the tool of your choice to communicate information pertinent to stakeholders or a target population.

Part 1: Infographic

Create an infographic and include the following:

Decide what information needs to be communicated, the population or recipients and what type of message is most appropriate for communicating the information (informational message, empowerment message, or targeted message).

Include the goal of the communication, the health promotion approach, and at least one image.

Ensure the health literacy is appropriate for the target population.

  1. Part 2: Summary
  2. In 250-500 words, describe the ethical implications of the design and dissemination of the message you created.


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