Grantham Effects of Coping Skills Training in School Age Children with Type 1 Diabetes Article Review

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Please, follow the rubric and the assignment requirement. I am literally begging you to comply with the guidelines.


Select one of the four articles listed on the Week 2 Learning Resources page and referenced below. 

Fouquier, K.F. (2011). The concept of motherhood among three generations of African American women. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 43(2), 145–153.

Grey, M., Whittemore, R., Jaser, S., Ambrosino, J., Lindemann, E., Liberti, L. … Dziura, J. (2009). Effects of coping skills training in school-age children with Type 1 diabetes. Research in Nursing & Health, 32, 405-418.

Methey, N.A., Davis-Jackson, J., & Stewart, B.J. (2010). Effectiveness of an aspiration risk-reduction protocol. Nursing Research, 59, 18-25

Newhouse, R.P., Morlock. L., Pronovost, P., & Breckenridge-Sproat, S. (2011). Rural hospital nursing: Results of a national survey of nurse executives. Journal of Nursing Administration, 41(3), 129-137.

In a 5- to 7-page paper written in APA format you will: 

Provide a brief one to two paragraph overview of the study. 

Identify two to three strengths of the study and support your selection (i.e. why is this a strength)  I

Identify two to three weaknesses of the study and support your selection (i.e. why is this a weakness) o

Note: The strengths and weaknesses should be in relation to: 

Design 

Sampling 

Data collection 

Statistical analysis 

Results and discussion.

Propose changes to improve the quality of the study capitalizing on the strengths and improving on the weaknesses you identified in the study.

Summarize the implications for nursing practice.

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