gravity parity assignment

Gravida Parity assignment:

GTPA: stands for:gravida, term, preterm, abortions, living

Gravida:how many pregnancies a woman has had.Term how many pregnancies delivered that have reached or surpassed 37 weeks gestation.

Term:how many pregnancies a woman has had that delivered at 37 weeks or greater.

Preterm:how many pregnancies between 20-36 6/7 weeks gestation.

Abortion:how many pregnancies have been lost at less than 20 weeks.Abortions also may be induced by a physician or spontaneously lost.This also refers to miscarriages.

Living:how many children are living now?

******Multiple births ( twins, triplets and higher order multiples) count as one birth.

1.This is a mom’s 1st pregnancy:

2.This is a mom’s 3rd pregnancy and she had an abortion at 8 weeks for the 1st pregnancy and a miscarriage at 10 weeks, she has no preterm deliveries or living children at present.

3.This is a mom’s 3rd pregnancy the first pregnancy delivered at 38 weeks gestation and the 2nd pregnancy was twins delivered at 37 weeks.1 of those children died.

4.This is a mom’s 2nd pregnancy.She delivered twins at 37 weeks and both of the babies survived.

5.This is a mom’s 3rd pregnancy.She delivered triplets at 28 weeks and 1 of the babies survived.She had an elective abortion at 6 weeks.

6.This a woman’s 5 pregnancies.She had a birth at 40 weeks, another one at 39 5/7 weeks, she had a third one at 35 6/7 weeks and a 4th one at 36 5/7 weeks.She had one induced abortion at 10 weeks and has currently 4 living children.

7.A pregnant woman who carried one pregnancy to term with a surviving infant; carried one pregnancy to 35 weeks with surviving twins; she carried one pregnancy to 9 weeks as an ectopic ( tubal ) pregnancy; and has 3 living children.

8.A woman who has given birth at term once and has had one miscarriage at 12 weeks would be recorded as?

This assignment is worth 8 points.Use page 259 in your text book.Include 1-3 references.

APA is worth .5

Case 1 is worth .5

Cases 2-8 are worth 1 point each.

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