hca430 discussion

Discussion 1

Social Versus Human Capital

This week’s first discussion forum will focus on the population of abused individuals. Abuse is a pervasive problem in our society. Although the forms of abuse, as well as the intensity and duration can vary from case to case, each abused person is tasked with dealing with the scars left from the abuse.As you can imagine, this task can be very challenging to say the least. Using research to help you form an opinion, which form of capital (social or human capital) do you feel will have a greater influence over resources accessible to the abused?Discuss which form of capital you would rely on for emotional support and help through difficult times if abused.Explain your rationale. Chapter 3 of the course text defines these terms in more detail.

Discussion 2

Continuum of Care Evaluation and Analysis

This week’s second discussion forum focuses on the populations of the chronically ill and the disabled.

You may be familiar with the common quote “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In reality, however, you may know of a person, family, or group who is not receiving adequate preventive or medical care due to a lack of resources and funds.

Choose one specific chronic illness or disability of your choice.

Select two resources in your community that address issues related to the chronic illness/disability and describe the services offered.

Select two national resources that address issues related to the chronic illness/disability and describe the services offered.

Analyze whether or not the continuum of care services are adequate for the population with the chosen chronic illness/disability.Explain why or why not.

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