HCM370 Colorado State University Process Improvement Opportunity Paper

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Option #2: Process Improvement Opportunity


You are the director of quality in a 200-bed hospital. The organization has identified three process improvement opportunities: improve collection of patient advance directives, emergency department wait times, and discharge of patients before noon.

For this assignment, select one of these process opportunities. Your task, as sponsor and team facilitator, is to develop a robust team charter (see exhibit 7.2 in our textbook).

  • First, research the opportunity you selected to understand how progressive organizations have addressed the challenge.
  • Next, determine and justify the size of the team and identify the specific positions (to include physicians) that you would include as members. Describe the role of each member.
  • Then, craft a robust problem statement and team charter.
  • Finally, create a draft agenda and Gantt Chart or timeline (select just one) for the first meeting of the team.

The paper should be well-written and meet the following requirements:

  • Be four pages in length (excluding title page, reference list, and exhibits)
  • The team charter, Draft Agenda, and Gantt Chart / timeline should be included as exhibits in the paper, but thoroughly discussed and justified in the body of the paper.
  • Includes at least three references from the peer-reviewed articles. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find peer-reviewed articles.
  • APA format; include in text citations and references. Use at least 3 scholarly resources from no later than 5 years ago.
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