Healthy Relationships Discussion




In this week’s discussion topic, we are going to think about healthy relationships, marriage and couple communications and happiness. Pay particular attention to the materials from page 220 to page 331 in your textbook. We are going to listen to a TedTalk presenting the work of Dr. Joanne Davila and her concept of relationship competence. Use information from Dr. Davila’s TedTalk, as well as information from Chapter 11 of your book, to provide an informed response to the discussion questions. (Links to an external site.)
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Answer the following discussion questions:

1. Describe the skills-based model of romantic competence by Dr. Davila. How do these skills lead to romantic competence?

2. What is the possible “U-shaped” pathway in marriage discussed in our textbook. Is it common? Why does this happen?

3. Of the four communication styles on page 328, which stood out to you the most? Have you observed the presence or lack of this skill in current or previous relationships?

4. What suggestions do you have for teaching young people about relationship skills? When should these skills be taught and how? You may have research to cite here if you look up specific programs and talk about these, but you can also draw on relevant personal experiences and knowledge of adolescent and young adult development from the text.


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