High Education And Divorce Literature Review




*The core of the project is the literature review. The literature review teaches the reader about the topic, focusing on defensible suggestions of ways that explanatory (independent) concepts influence the topic (dependent) concept—Or why people take the attitudes they do or behave the ways they do. For example, if one were to choose to study why people oppose capital punishment, the review would give reasons to expect some people, but not others, to oppose capital punishment. One explanatory concept is race. There might be reasons to expect black persons to oppose capital punishment more than others.

In light of this, the point of the literature review is to present reasons for why the explanatory variables (independent variables) are expected to affect the topic variable (dependent variable). For example, when explaining what leads people to favor or oppose capital punishment, one’s library research may also show that people who grow up in the South learn to support severe punishment for misbehavior. Not much is more severe than capital punishment, so one may explain this fact about southerners and then suggest that southerners are more likely to favor capital punishment. After explaining the scientific evidence about the likely relationship, the following hypothesis may be written: “Persons who lived in the South at age 16 are more likely than others to favor capital punishment.” In this example region is the independent variable—measured with a question about where respondents were living at age 16—and attitude about capital punishment is the dependent variable.

To meet these goals, library research on the topic is necessary. The search is to discover the likely link between each IV and the DV, write three corresponding hypotheses, and use the scientific evidence to build a case supporting each hypothesis. Of course, since this is academic research, the evidence can only come from appropriate social scientific books and journals.

I Need write Literature review and FOCUS ON “Education and Divorce” HYPOTHESEPeople who are more educated are less likely to get divorce.”

Literature Review

1.Start writing the paper in a way that builds a case supporting the three hypotheses

2.Everything must be in APA style

3.Discuss the link between the three independent variables and the dependent variable, using what was learned from the articles and books as a guide

a.Use one’s own voice in the discussion

b.Do not just string together or “cut and paste” quotes

c.Do not write a review of a series of articles (Project 1 does not ask for an annotated bibliography)

d.Do not describe the data or methods used in an article

e.Report what was learned from research journals and/or books—papers must have at least five cited sources

f.Cite sources parenthetically in APA Style and as discussed in class

Concentrating on those possible independent variables, begin writing in APA style about what the scientific research suggests should be the relationships between the independent variables and the dependent variable. Cite articles that support claims of fact each time a fact is invoked.

* FOCUS ON “high Education and Divorce” HYPOTHESE

* 2 reference

* We do not put journal names or authors’ first names in the body of research

papers. The citations and references allow us to provide the minimal, least

disruptive information. That is why they were invented.

3. We do not talk about the research as research. In a research paper, the reader

knows that the provided information should be from research. So we do not

overtly tell the reader that the claims are supported by research…the citations take

care of that.

4. Do not go about saying “Previous research has shown,” or “Research has found,”

and so forth. There is hardly ever a need to tell the reader of a research paper that

research has shown something. That is because the researcher in a research paper

is assumed to have used research. He or she would not make any claims that

research does not support. So all the author needs is a citation to make the point

that “research said something.


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