Human Resource People Strategies – Performance Management Consulting Project for Catalyst Paper Crofton Division

<Client name, Client title>>

Catalyst Paper Crofton Division, Crofton BC


Dear <<Client name>>:

Re: Human Resource People Strategies – Performance Management Consulting Project for Catalyst Paper Crofton Division

Thank you for the opportunity to explore potential consulting project ideas with you for Catalyst Paper Crofton Division. I appreciate the time you spent with me sharing information about your organization, current situation and plans for the future. I understand the many challenges your organization currently faces. The recent downsizing and reorganization of your management workforce directly affects your employees and increases the risk of morale, retention and performance issues.

Following careful consideration of our discussions and your current situation I am pleased to submit the attached proposal to help you address challenges with your current employee performance management program. The proposal further explains the purpose, scope, objectives and anticipated benefits of the services I have to offer. As a human resources professional and MBA student, I have professional experiences and interests that align with your need to improve the performance of your staff workforce as you work through significant organizational change.

I appreciate your review and consideration of this proposal. I would welcome another opportunity to meet with you to further discuss the details of the services I have to offer and answer any questions you may have.

If you accept the terms and conditions presented please indicate your acceptance by signing the OCP proposal agreement form located on the last page of the attached proposal.


<<Learner Name>> MBA Candidate

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