i am working my senior seminar and i am need help writing my paper

The project proposal will include: 

  1. your CIS concentration Internetworking
  2. project description adding a library automated system from manual library cataloging
  3. team members I have the team members which are the project manager, network administrator St. Network System Analyst and a Account Manager
  4. detailed time line describing goals of each week I need help fromt this step forward.I should be working on my ppt presentation but that will come with the hlep of this paper if someone can help me PLEASE
  5. data schema
  6. graphical interface design
  7. report design
  8. testing plan
  9. deployment plan
  10. support plan
  11. schematics
  12. other relevant information required for project planning in each concentration.

Each project proposal must be at least ten to twenty page.  All proposals must be written in APA format

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