i have written a paper i gave writing center to review it foe me they pointed out the correction which is apa grammar usage and mechanics formatting the heading spacing

Part 1 – Organization

Ideas are organized as I assume the instructor wants for this assignment. The headings and order of headings makes sense.

Part 2 – Development

This isn’t typical formal writing, so what I’ve read is developed in terms of providing details for each section of care provided.

Part 3 – Formatting and Style

Many grammar issues marked in red comments. There are a variety of issues, some that recur throughout the paper. Comma usage and verb agreement are common mistakes. Also spacing is an issues – one space after each word, after each period, and before parentheses or quotation marks. Formatting is fine for the most part. Make sure your references are in alphabetical order at the end of your paper. Style of writing is mature and appropriate for the assignment. I suggest carefully proofreading the entire paper out loud to catch mistakes, such as misspelled words or missing words.

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