i need help with computer assignment 4

Please read everything carefully

Web page creation assignment


1). The laptop or desktop computer the student plans to use as the primary computer for the course work in this course.

2). NotePad


For this assignment you will:

Use the HTML code you have learned about in Module 8 e-textbook reading and create a Web page based on a topic of your choice. It can be the topic you turned in during Module 8 or you may choose a new topic.

The Web page will not be published to the Web; it will only be submitted to me through Canvas as a Zipped folder containing your Web page file and any other files (for example: image files) used on your Web page.

1). You will need to create the Web page from scratch. You may not edit any Web page. You may not turn in the the Web page tutorial from Module 8 e-textbook reading. If you modify the Web page tutorial from Module 8 instead of creating your Web page from scratch you will receive a zero score on this assignment.

2). The content you put on the Web page is up to you however you are required to have the following requirements for your Web page.

At least 2 different heading level tags

Text that is in bold

Text that has at least 2 different font colors

Centered text

Bullet list or a numbered list

At least 1 image – must not be copyrighted – suggested source for images is https://pixabay.com/ (Links to an external site.)

Alternate text for the image

  • A link to an external website
  • A comment tag containing – your name, date created or last updated


5). Tutorial in Module 8 e-textbook reading

6). See Web 358 (in Module 8 e-textbook) for a list Tags

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