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Overview: This project will involve writing an analytical paper that evaluates and compares three careers. You will learn how to use an evaluation matrix to make a better decision about which career to choose. Each student’s thesis statement should center on choosing which career would be the best. One career must be in the field of your program of study. If your major is undecided or general education, choose a career that interests you. One other career must be an Information Technology (IT) career. Of course, if IT is your major then 2 careers will be in IT. One of the IT careers must be related to cybersecurity if you are in an IT-related major. In addition to comparing the careers, you will discuss an ethical issue that may arise for those who work in one of the careers, and at least one emerging or “cutting edge” technology used in one of the careers (in your final submission).

*security analysts ,

  • Security Software Developer
  • Cryptographer/Cryptologyst
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