Importance of Donor Education

Importance of Donor Education

Note:  Due by THURSDAY 8pm NEW YORK TIME 1 page APA format with reference page.

Education is an important tool in resource development. It can take donors to the next level of involvement with the organization. Through education, donors become more familiar with the cause or mission the organization supports and gain an understanding of how their donations will benefit the organization and the populations that it serves. Gaining such an understanding often makes donors feel more connected to the organization, and, in turn, motivates them to continue to give.

To prepare for this Discussion:




  • Review Chapters 7 and 13, including the Appendices, in the course text Fundraising Basics: A Complete Guide. Pay particular attention to specific examples of mail, electronic, and print communications and how each might educate donors. Consider the importance of such strategies in the resource development process.
  • Review your Application Assignment from this week and think about the education strategies you selected. Then consider how each might help convey efforts related to the mission of the organization and how each might be used to build or sustain a donor base.
  • Think about why donors need to be continuously educated about organizational efforts and about how their donations are helping to support the mission or cause.
  • Reflect on the importance of donor education in the resource development process.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by THURSDAY 8pm New York Time an explanation of the importance of donor education in the resource development process, as it applies to the Young Life the NPO you are to write.

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