in this chapter 9 several ddifferent models and archetypes take a it company as an example you don t have to provide its name and report on the following 1

In this Chapter 9 several ddifferent models and archetypes. Take a IT company as an example(you don’t have to provide its name) and report on the following:

1. Identify the Organizational Structure and provide examples supporting it (centralized, decentralized, federalized).

2. Identify the IT Governance archtetype and provide an example.

3. Has this model been effective? Would you recommend a different approach?

Book Name : Managing and Using Information Systems: A Strategic Approach – Sixth Edition(Keri Pearlson, Carol Saunders,

and Dennis Galletta)

Chapter 9: Governance of the Information Systems Organization.


Must be original , No Plagiarism.

Provide References.

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