intro early childhood education 2part assignment

This is two separate assignments and should be completed at the same time/same due date

Assignment 1

As the authors of our text note:

> Since its founding in 1926, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has been an influence on early education in the United States, but never so strongly as it has been since it began writing position statements in the 1980s. (Estes & Krogh, 2012, p. 98)


One of the position statements that NAEYC created focuses on developmentally appropriate practice (DAP). Understanding what DAP is and how it will influence your work with children is critical to being a quality early childhood educator.

To deepen your understanding of developmentally appropriate practice, spend some time exploring NAEYC’s website.  Pay particular attention to the section of the website dedicated to DAP. While exploring the site, you can learn more about what DAP is, read NAEYC’s position statement on DAP, and learn how DAP can be implemented with different ages of children. When you are finished exploring the site, complete the following:

In your own words, explain what the termdevelopmentally appropriate practicemeans to you.Describe at least two personal connections you made with the DAP information you discovered on the NAEYC site.Summarize three main things you learned from exploring the site. 



Assignment 2 

One of the hottest topics in early childhood education is the role of play in the classroom. Although early childhood educators understand the importance of incorporating play into a developmentally appropriate curriculum, many parents have a difficult time understanding why their child is “playing” in the classroom. Watch the video, titled The Role of Play in the Overly-Academic Classroom. 

Now, imagine that you have recently had several parents in your classroom ask you about why their child is playing in the classroom. You have decided to write a letter to the parents to help them understand why play has been incorporated into your classroom and how it is benefiting the development of their children. Please post your letter as your initial response to this discussion. Your letter should include the following:

A description of why play is an important part of a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Be sure to support your statements with at least one scholarly source.An explanation of how play can help to support a child’s physical, cognitive, and affective development.An example of one play-based activity that demonstrates to parents how play supports their child’s development. For instance, you could explain how playing a game of hopscotch can help a child with their gross motor skills (physical development) and counting (cognitive development). Please make sure that your play-based activity is an original idea or that if you use an idea from an outside source it is properly formatted according to APA. 
Also, this should be a brief description of an activity. It is not a lesson plan just a brief discussion



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