Introduction (Company & industry background, key challenges faced by the selected company)

Assignment Outline

• Executive Summary

• Introduction (Company & industry background, key challenges faced by the selected company)

• External environmental analysis for identifying opportunities and threats: Macro (PEST or PESTEL) & Micro (5 Forces Framework for analysing industry structure and the nature of competition)

• Internal environmental analysis for identifying strengths and weaknesses: VRIO or value chain analysis

• Identification of Competitive Strategies (Bowman’s Clock or Porter’s Generic Strategies)

• Strategic directions (Markets, Products, Services) & methods of expansion

• In-text citations and list of references using Harvard Referencing

Details of Assessment

You are the newly appointed strategic consultant at Grocer Lidl. The board of directors have decided to expand the business to the ‘Asian Market’ and they have asked you to prepare a report suggesting the best strategic direction for the firm to grow internationally particularly and strategies that will help them to create a competitive advantage and achieve their strategic objectives. You need to consider effectively scanning both the internal and external environment of Lidl in order to help them explore new opportunities in the Asian market.

Note: To narrow down your report you can choose any Asian country of your choice.

Background Dating back to 1930’s, a small, independent grocery wholesaler was born in Germany (Lidl,2017). Fast track to today Lidl is one of the largest grocery retailers in Europe. The first Lidl stores were opened in 1973, and by the 1980s Lidl was a household name in Germany. During the 1990s Lidl started branching outside of Germany and today the grocer can be found across Europe. In 1994, Lidl opened its first retail shop in the UK, just two decades later, they now have over 600 stores with a simple vision of providing ‘high quality at low prices’. However, for better understanding of the organisation you are required to research the given organisation including its challenges and strategic management approach to expand in the Asian Market.

• Applying the knowledge of relevant strategic management frameworks, you need to •

Carry out the external analysis

• Address the internal analysis

• Identify key issues, evaluate alternatives and make conclusions based on thorough analysis

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