introduction critical thinking quiz

Midterm Review/Study Guide


The exam is comprehensive and covers all reading and course materials so far. There is no time limit but you may only submit the answers once.


The first 10 questions are multiple choice based on your reading and course materials.


An example question could be: The fallacious drawing of a conclusion from relevant but insufficient evidence. 


The next 4 questions are multiple choice and ask you to answer questions about the text provided (similar to recent assignments).


An example question could be: What can be inferred from this text? (with 4 answers to choose from).


The last 3 questions are essay and similar to your week three quiz in which you are to analyze an argument and identify whether or not it is valid or invalid (inductive or deductive). If it is invalid, be sure to name the logical fallacy applied and explain why and how.


The MidTerm questions are attached.  




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