issc325 biometrics assignment 1


For this week’s assignment you will be preforming some hands-on analysis of facial recognition. Follow the steps below and keep notes as appropriate in your word document/lab report. Due to privacy concerns, etc. we are a bit limited on this exercise.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Under the processing options at the top of the page, select everything but the “Best face only” option. Take a photograph of yourself and load it into the system, using the “Custom Upload” button.

Step 3: You will get a green box around your face. Click the box and it will turn red and it will pop up a set of results. Copy the contents of the results field and paste it into your document along with the photo that you uploaded.

Step 4: Download and unzip the file. There are a total of 10 celebrities in there. You must use various tools to match them, put your list of guesses in your paper.

Step 5: Go to Google Cloud Vision:

Step 6: Use the photograph of yourself from earlier and screenshot the results of each tab into your lab document.

Step 7: Reviewing the results of both tools on your picture, what was the accuracy of the tools?

Step 8: Watch these two videos:

1st Video:

2nd Video:

Step 9: Go to the Micro Expressions Test Tool:

Step 10: Test your skills about reading micro expressions. These go VERY quick so lets do about 100, then screenshot your score and paste it into the lab document.

Step 11: Submit the above results into the dropbox.

*If work reasons bar you from using your photo you may substitute someone else’s photo in.

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