it information technology project managemen 1

For this assignment, please complete the following exercises in Information Technology Project Management.

  • Chapter 10 – Exercises 2
  • Chapter 10 – Exercises 4
  • Chapter 11 – Exercise 1

Q2. Find examples of how project teams use new technologies to communicate project informa- tion. Which technologies seem to be most effective? Document your findings in a short pa- per, citing at least three references.

  • Chapter 10 – Exercises 2

Q4.How many different communication channels does a project team with six people have?

How many more communication channels would there be if the team grew to 10 people?

  • Chapter 10 – Exercises 4

Q1.Suppose your college or organization is considering a project to develop an information system that would allow all employees, students, and customers to access and maintain their own human resources information, such as address, marital status, and tax information. The main benefits of the system would be a reduction in human resources personnel and more accurate information. For example, if an employee, student, or customer had a new tele- phone number or e-mail address, he or she would be responsible for entering the data in the new system. The new system would also allow employees to change their tax withholdings or pension plan contributions. Identify five potential risks for this new project, and be sure to list some negative and positive risks. Provide a detailed description of each risk and propose strategies for addressing each risk. Document your results in a short paper.

Chapter 11 – Exercise 1

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