*the paper must follow the style MLA

*the paper must incloud seven different resources . these must include: one book, two academic journals and one instrucor approved internet source.

There should be no more than two internet sources.

*The paper must include at least two direct qutations, but no more than fur direct quotations

* your draft must be substantially original. Most of the paper will reflect your own vocabulary, your own sentence structure, and your own writing style



In text citation :

1-use the last name only (or name of artical if no auther is mentioned)

2-include the page number with each citation either immediatly fllowing the auther’s name or at the end of the borrowed information. If there is no page number given,

indicate the paragraphs used

3- Do not use”p.” or “pp” before page numbers

4- write “par”.  before the pargraph used




!- Each entry must follow MLA standareds unless otherwise noted in this handout

2-the entries must be in alphabitical order

3-Sources can be entered only if they are cited in the text. How ever, primary sources are Never included in the list of refrenceces 

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