Lamar University Group Counselling and ACA Code of Ethics Paper




For this assignment, you will explore the connection between cultural competence and group work. Read the attached document from the American Counseling Association division Association for Specialists in Group Work, Ten Strategies to Intentionally Use Group Work to Transform Hate, Facilitate Courageous Conversations, and Enhance Community Building and the ACA Code of Ethics (2014).

In this assignment, you will discuss the following (1 to 3 paragraphs each):

What does the ACA code of ethics say about the role of counselors/group workers in regard to community presence and/or multiculturalism?

Why is this important especially for group counseling? Name and discuss at least two (2) ethical codes in your response.

Pick three (3) of the ten strategies highlighted in the Ten Strategies article and discuss for each one that you select:

Why you believe this strategy is necessary for cultural awareness and competence in group work/group leadership

  1. Describe a specific example (not stated in the article) of how you could apply this strategy in a real world group setting. You may want to use the group that you are developing for your final (week 5) assignment as a setting for this assignment.

How does this strategy relate to one more of the ethical codes that you identified in section one of this paper


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