Leadership and Supervision Discussion Questions





Module 2 Reading/Listening/Viewing AssignmentModule 2 Reading Assignment:Barsky: Chapters 5-7Module 2 Listening Assignment:Social Work Podcast: 2018 NASW Code of Ethics (Part 2) (23:27 minutes) In Part 2, episode 114, we talk about Section 1.04(e) knowing the laws in your jurisdiction and the one where your client lives and how that affects practicing across state lines with or without technology.  We also talk about 1.05, cultural competence. https://socialworkpodcast.blogspot.com/2018/01/Ethics2018-2.htmlLast Week’s feedback: (I attached the assignment for your reference)These are the things I looked for while grading this assignment: (15 POINTS)1.Did the answer demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the question and scenario? Your answers, though comprehensive, did not specifically list or cite the NASW codes with the appropriate subsections and points were deducted.2. Did the answer provide a critical analysis of the scenario and content and supported by logical and accurate evidence? Yes, this was thorough.3. Did you appropriately cite references and if any of the NASW Code of Ethics were used, were the appropriate subsections cited? see above in 1. Would like to see (for example) 1.02B listed in regard to your argument.


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